Don't Take My Word for It...

I am blessed beyond measure from the wonderful feedback I hear from clients. These are just a few of so many, but you'll get the gist. Thanks to all of my wonderful clients for letting me know how much our time together has meant to you, and how it  helped you move forward very powerfully in your life!

Ask for help? No way! (So glad I did!)

“I was raised in the kind of environment where you don’t ask for help with your problems. Robin made me feel safe when asking for help. Instead of feeling inadequate for not being able to solve everything on my own, we had a lot of laughs about life and it's challenges. After our sessions, I feel happier, like a weight has been lifted.  I’ve gained the confidence to go for what I want in life.”

Become a better communicator

“Robin helped me to become a much better communicator.  My wife and kids and manager used to press me about  telling them what was up. I got so annoyed, because I thought I was telling them everything that they needed to know. I realized I was pretty vague and that I expected the people around me to be great at reading my mind.  Now, I give clear messages at home, at work, and probably most importantly, I give clear messages in the conversations I have with myself!”

Workshops with actionable takeaways, and aha's too

“Robin’s workshops are life changing. I put them under two categories: required learning & lots of fun. My favorite thing about workshops with Robin is that her breakdowns are super creative, easy to relate to, and I can begin putting using them right away. She has great insight and aha's, but I love that at the end of the day, I know what I can do to use those insights!"

Newsflash! Therapy is fun!

“Therapy was actually fun.  I was so depressed when I walked into Robin's office and I didn't know why. Robin gave me useful advice about my relationships and helped me realize that I wasn’t aligning my actions with my values. I’m no longer stressed out all of the time.” At the end of our first session I was laughing for the first time in months and could hardly wait to come back the next week.”

It's about your mother, and it's not about your mother.

“Well, as you know I’ve done a lot of therapy and my mother still hasn’t changed. But now I’m able to enjoy her.”