Services & Programs


Individual Counseling

Experience relief, and growth, the accomplishment of your goals, and the expansion of your life and capabilities.

Couples Counseling

Having a third party help you figure out your stuck places and communication gaps can work wonders for your relationship! Make sure you explore every avenue before deciding if your relationship can work for each of you. If so, there are lots of tools for better communication and deeper understanding of one another available to you. If not, we can use those communication tools and understanding to help you have a healthy break up.

Life Coaching

You have a good life. And you appreciate that. Yet, somewhere this dream just won’t leave you alone. Let life coaching help you get to where you truly want to go, and discover all of the ways you can grow your life and be of service to others, too. 


 2019 sees the launch of two new and very exciting programs that include a group approach to solving two problems:

Healthy Eating Forever
Healthy Eating Forever is designed for the person who is successful, savvy, and smart, yet somehow stills struggles with overeating or under-eating, yo-yo diets, or simply giving up. Packed full or tools, mindset  changes and specific assignments, this program is designed to give you freedom from eating issues and peace with your plate. 

Here's the link for a free download of my book, Goodbye Comfort Food, How to Free Yourself from Overeating.

Happier!  How to Find More Enjoyment in Your Life.

 Happier! is a program designed to give you an assist to enjoy your unique and beautiful life in a deeper and more consistent way. Whatever "your life on paper" looks like, this program is designed to make sure you're experiencing  a lot of deep satisfaction even during difficult times, and a lot of joy, during all times. There are lots of tools, lots of exercises for reflection, and lots of coaching. All done in a safe environment and tailored to your challenges. Make this your breakthrough  year by deciding that now is the time to enjoy life to max!

Keynote Address Speaker

For conferences, organizations, clubs, businesses and educational programs. I love to present a creative and inspiring message, that includes actionable tools. Please contact me to discuss working together.

Corporate/Organizational Training & Tailored Workshops

Uniquely designed to meet the personal and professional growth needs of your organization or team. I listen to your needs, create a unique program, I take your feedback into the designing the final version of the program, I bring in any professional help needed to make the training a success, and the training helps your organization to overcome deadlock, increase positive communication, and bring out the best creative ideas.

Spend a day or a week in wonderful locations. These include one on one VIP days with me. They also include days for your team/group/organization/friend group to participate in something new and out of the ordinary. These are designed for your group, and are not a cookie-cutter repeat of another seminar. Our amazing team of professionals work to give you a break, and let you really be immersed in personal transformation. Gain the power of connection to others and to nature, and a little alone time as well. You get practical tools, personal attention to your goals and a refreshed perspective on your life, family, work and joys!